“Inspired by events of 1950s, true stories unfold.”

July 2024

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“Lost Lullabies – The Orphanage Chronicles” is a Co-Op horror game set in 1980, inspired by the real stories of an orphanage ruined by a fire in 1960 Lowell.


In the foggy woods on the outskirts of Lowell town, you’ll find the quiet Lowell Orphanage. It’s surrounded by old stories and spooky secrets. Our story unfolds in the town of Lowell, home to the infamous Lowell Orphanage where children endured torture and experiments. Destroyed in a mysterious fire in 1960, its secrets remained unsolved until 1980 when four friends set out to explore it. The game offers a gripping 4-chapter story mode recounting their journey and a co-op online mode for countless hours of shared adventure. Starting with the first 2 chapters in early access, the game will soon complete with the release of the final 2 chapters, offering a full 4-chapter story mode.

To stop ghosts, we must first figure out what kind they are by uncovering their tragic past. Each ghost presents its story as a puzzle. We solve it to neutralize malicious spirits or bring peace to benevolent ones. With 4 chapters and 11 ghosts, each with a unique tale, players piece together clues to understand and resolve each ghost’s story.



The game offers both solo and co-op gameplay modes, allowing players to start on their journey alone or team up with friends. Lost Lullabies ensures each game is unique and thrilling with its dynamic puzzle system. This allows players to experience a different adventure every time, enhancing the game’s replayability.

With its stunning graphics and atmospheric settings, “Lost Lullabies” offers a terrifying gaming experience. From the burnt ruins of the orphanage to the dark streets of Lowell, every detail immerses players in a world of suspense and fear.

The game features a big map where all the clues and items that should be collected shift locations in each session. The architecture of this map is complex and precarious, with some areas being dark and claustrophobic, adding to the eerie atmosphere.


Players will encounter various types of ghosts. Some are harmless and quiet, while others are extremely dangerous and aggressive. Players must devise strategic plans to handle each type of ghost effectively.

You must solve clues to identify the type of ghost haunting the orphanage. You can use 10 standard and 17 class-specific equipments to gather evidence. With a total of 20 different ghosts, each game presents unique variations to challenge you and your team.


The game features four different classes; Healer, Exorcist, Investigator, and Engineer. Each class has unique abilities, allowing players to take on various roles.

Healer: This class rejuvenates mental health and can revive fallen characters, making significant contributions to the team’s strategy while solving puzzles, allowing for more time.

Engineer: A class adept at using electronic devices to solve puzzles. With the ability to place cameras and monitor events from afar, they provide the team with a crucial advantage.

Investigator: Equipped with special devices, this class can easily determine the location and type of ghosts, armed with tools that provoke more activity from ghosts.

Exorcist: This class becomes active while solving ghost puzzles, specializing in combatting ghosts. Ideal for dealing with ghosts using special equipment such as crosses and holy water.


In the game, equipment is divided into two categories: standard and class-specific. While standard equipment can be used by everyone, selecting a character from that class is necessary to use class-specific equipment.


You should be careful with your words, as the haunted locations or ghosts will respond to them. Saying the right phrase might unlock hidden doors, activate secret mechanisms or make angry/happy the ghosts.


Every item is meticulously crafted to evoke the atmosphere of the 1960s-1980s era. From weathered photographs to faded letters, each holds vital clues to unraveling the orphanage’s mysteries, encouraging players to explore and uncover its chilling past.

Are you ready to uncover the truth behind the orphanage fire and solve the mysteries of Lowell?

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